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September 2018 NEWSLETTER

OFF THE SHELF – A note from Pastor Ryan

My wife Wendy will tell you that I have books all over the place. I have books on the bookshelf in my office. Books on our big bookshelf outside of her office. Books in the closet. Books in storage. Books on the computer. Books on CD. You could say that books play an essential role in my learning and life. So, what I would like to do each month in the newsletter is share a book with you that I am currently reading or have read that has made a significant impact on my life. Maybe there is something you can glean from it and apply to your own life.

This month’s book is titled “Canoeing the Mountains” by Tod Bolsinger. This book is about Christian Leadership in unknown territories. The author takes the lessons learned from the Lewis and Clark exhibition; specifically how Lewis and Clark planned and prepared to find a waterway to the Pacific Ocean but instead found the Rocky  Mountains. They learned how to adapt their leadership to an ever-changing landscape for the expedition to be successful.  Lewis and Clark and the rest of the people in their party started with boats and paddles but had to leave those behind for horses and help from those who knew the foreign world they were entering.  This book recalls an amazing journey because it was only by the providence of God they made it to the other side by staying connected to the mission despite the changing landscape. There are many lessons in this book but the one take away I learned is mission trumps everything we do in life.  This means we stay true to our convictions, stay calm, stay connected, and stay the course because if we do that then God equips and leads us to adapt to any changing situation whether at church, home, school, or the in office.



Making Midway Handicap Accessible 

In response to repeated requests for an update to
our bathrooms, we have developed a plan to
expand our restrooms and provide a handicap
access from the fellowship hall directly to the
sanctuary. This plan was presented to the
congregation following a worship service in
June. The project will include a covered drop off,
renovation of the existing bathrooms, the
construction of 2 new bathrooms, and a handicap
ramp that connects the education building with
the sanctuary. The estimated cost for this project
is $150,000 and so far we have raised over
$37,505. This means we are 25% of the way
towards our goal. Please consider contributing
towards this fund


One example of outreach here at Midway is the
big blue bin that sits under the coat rack by the
kitchen. It gets filled with canned goods and
other non-perishables by many in our
congregation and once a month or so, I take it to
the Salvation Army, Red Cross, or The Reidsville
Outreach Center. You have been faithful donors
for many years. Through this you are a blessing
to so many. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
–Ray Sparks


Jennifer Tucker – 2
Eli Fulton – 6
Natalie John – 10
Yvonne McCollum – 10
Tyler Wiles – 11
Sadie Wiles – 14
Lily Strittmatter – 14
Martha Faust – 23
Dee Wiles – 28


*please email midwayumc.messenger@gmail.com with your birth date to be added to the birthday list!*



The golf tournament was a success. We had 21 teams. There were 79 golfers, my goal was at least 72. We had 38 sponsors, over half were church members. The men's group and the youth, and their leaders all came together, and ran the tournament like a well-oiled machine. We paid out $660.00 in prize money, and around $200.00 in other expenses. After that we cleared $3,850.00.
-Allen Rippy



The Youth went to Spiritus 2018 in August and had a wonderful time. 10 teenagers and 5 adults spent two nights in the confines of Camp Caswell on Oak Island. The weather was great (most of the time), the beach was fantastic and the fellowship together was awesome. In addition to the fun, we attended several worship services that helped increase our faith in Jesus Christ with great music and an inspiring speaker. Thank you to the congregation for all your support and prayers during our trip. The Youth are so grateful to have a church that supports us like Midway



Join us at Steve & Patricia Wright’s cabin on Sunday, September 9th at 4 P.M. as we kickoff another wonderful year of KFC and Youth!!


On Sunday, August 26th, all the children brought their backpacks to church and Pastor Ryan prayed a special blessing over our students and teachers. The blessing is printed below. We hope you all have a wonderful year! We’re always praying for you!!

Back-to-School Blessing
by the Rev. Marilyn E. Thornton

Bless my paper and my pen.
Guide my spirit deep within.
Help me think and help me play,
this whole school year, day by day.
As I move from class to class,
guide my footsteps; clear my path.
Keep my tongue to speak your words.
Let your will for me be heard.
In every subject high or low,
may God’s excellence be shown!
Keep me strong to reach the prize,
to grow in grace, becoming wise.
Whether far from home or near,
may I hold God’s precepts dear.
To do my best at every task;
for this blessing, I do ask.
Help my family be a part
as I lift my mind and heart.
As I study, work, and pray,
be with them throughout the day.
Of whom much is given, much is required.
May learning be your greatest desire!

We also love and pray for our college students:

Claudia Benfield – UNC
Holden Joyce – Appalachian State
Olivia John – HPU



Hi all,
One of the ways we reach out in our community is our “Free Spaghetti Supper” that we provide on the 4th Wednesday of every month. Usually, we take a break in the summertime. Some of those who visit are really food insecure, others come join us for fellowship. Many are members, some are not. All are welcome. Tell your neighbors, bring your friends. Give your wife a night off. If money is tight, no problem—it really is free, no questions asked. If you want to, we do accept donations. I hope to see everyone on September 26th.
–Blessings, Keith Williams


“When he had finished speaking, Sha’ul [Paul]
kneeled down with them all and prayed. They were
all in tears as they threw their arms around his
neck and kissed him farewell. What saddened
them the most was his remark that they would
never see him again….”
Acts 20:36-38 CJB (Complete Jewish Bible)
When I worked as a grief counselor at the HanesLineberry Transition Center many years ago, a
troubling issue would often pop up among the
bereaved and pastors alike. Some people felt
guilty or sinful, or were made to feel guilty or
sinful, for experiencing grief due to the loss of
their loved ones. One young pastor at a funeral
even expressed his puzzlement at why the family,
who were believers, was so upset over the loss of
their loved one, who was also a believer. I tried
explaining to him that grief is a form of
separation anxiety and that sadness is normal,
but he insisted that because the Bible says
“Sorrow not”, they should instead be happy that
they will see each other again.
The problem is that he, as many Bible teachers
(fortunately not all!) stop at “Sorrow not”.
This is how The Amplified Bible explains 1
Thessalonians 4:13 :
“Now we do not want you to be uninformed,
believers, about those who are asleep [in death],
so that you will not grieve [for them] as the others
do who have no hope [beyond this present
life]” (Emphasis mine).
Yes, we should be very happy that we who are
Christians will be reunited with our departed
Christian loved ones, never having to say
goodbye again. And yes, there is healthy grief
and then there is unhealthy grief, which indicates
deeper issues. But are we to deny and suppress
the grieving process, hold back our tears, and
insist that we are “fine”? Well, look at the
passage from Acts, in which Paul and some close
friends are about to be separated, and not even by
death at that time. And the person who wrote the
Book of 1 Thessalonians was—wait for it—
Paul! Did Paul scold his friends? Were they
sinning in their sadness? Of course not!
Our Lord Jesus Christ also wept (See John
11:35). He understands the pain of separation
from those we love. Sorrow and separation were
not part of God’s original plan; these things came
about when sin entered the world (see Genesis
3:22-24). But is sorrow a sin? Obviously not,
because Jesus cannot sin! But He can bear our
sorrows and griefs and help us through them as
He walks with us and we walk with Him.
PRAYER: Dear LORD, please be powerfully
present with all who are grieving for loved
ones. May they know that You care and
understand what they are going through, and
give them Your peace and hope. Please help us
to help them in the way that they need and that
You desire. In Jesus’ wonderful Name we pray,
-Sharon Helms-Dulin


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