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August 2018 NEWSLETTER

Clothing Giveaway

A huge "Thank you!" to all who contributed to the clothing giveaway with donations, time, muscle, prayers and more. We had more clothes than ever and estimate that we had between 60-75 people. Everyone seemed to find things they could use. A grandmother and little granddaughter who both left with an arm full of dresses were so cute! One very special story: Melissa from the shelter is trying to help a family with six children. She spent the day taking them to different churches
and charities trying to find some clothes for each of them. Everyone was taken care of except one small boy. She brought him by as we were wrapping up; unfortunately, we had very little that would fit him. Everyone who was there was so touched that impromptu donations were made. Jessica Simpson volunteered to go shopping. Amy met up with Melissa and gave her the new clothes for the little guy! What a heartwarming day!
-Mary Rierson



Making Midway Handicap Accessible 

In response to repeated requests for an update to our bathrooms, we have developed a plan to expand our restrooms and provide a handicap access from the fellowship hall directly to the sanctuary.  This plan was presented to the congregation following a worship service in June.  The project will include a covered drop off, renovation of the existing bathrooms, the construction of 2 new bathrooms, and a handicap ramp that connects the education building with the sanctuary. The estimated cost for this project is $150,000 and so far we have raised over $33,000.  This means we are 20% of the way towards our goal.  Please consider contributing towards this fund!


From the Cemetery Committee:

If any person associated with the church wishes to have a cemetery plot, they are available.  You can contact Jeff Wright for more information.

If anyone is interested in the possible construction of a columbarium at Midway, please contact Kenneth Wright.


Nancy Dimsdale - 3
Ruby Hunt - 7
Laurie Wright - 14
Edd Hunt - 16
Ruth Bailey - 20
Morgan Joyce - 20
Don Rierson - 25
Joyce Griffin - 27


*please email midwayumc.messenger@gmail.com with your birth date to be added to the birthday list!*



4th Annual James E O'Bryant Memorial Golf Tournament
Saturday, August 25th at Moneroeton Golf Club
Shotgun starts at 8 A.M.
Four Man Captain's Choice
Bring your own team
Entry Fee: $50 per player, includes 2 mulligans
Hotdog Lunch & Prizes following play
All proceeds will benefit Midway UMC ministries
To enter your team, call Allen Rippy at 336-634-1500
or email rippyallen@gmail.com



Our youth group will be attending the SPIRITUS retreat at Caldwell Beach on August 10th-12th.  SPIRITUS is an annual youth conference of the Western NC United Methodist Church.  Prayers for safe travels, and we hope you all have a wonderful time! 


Greetings, Midway readers!  This was my 2nd attempt to get published in The Upper Room.  The bad news is, this was also the 2nd rejection.  The good news is, you can read it HERE!  Thanks for reading, and may it bless someone in the Name of Jesus.
READ Psalm 32:1-2
God will protect you with his pinions; you’ll find refuge under his wings.  His faithfulness is a protective shield.
                                                  --Psalm 94:1 (CEB)
     As a child, I often felt lonely and insecure.  I remember going through a phase when, at bedtime, I would center my body in the bed, tuck in my little stuffed animal friends around me, and make sure the covers were up to all our chins.  I wanted to make sure nobody was left out and that we were all covered and safe.
     Fast forward to age 15 when, as a lonely and insecure teen, I found the unconditional love and eternal security I so desperately needed when I accepted Jesus Christ as my Savior.  As I stood at the altar, the presence of His love was so powerful, and yet it was also like a warm blanket!  My sins were forgiven.  I was covered!
     The Bible gives us two images of covering.  One is the love that Jesus longs to give us, yearning that nobody would be left out.  (See Luke 13:34)  The other is the sacrifice  known in Hebrew as the kaporah, which Jesus the Messiah became for us, the atonement and covering for our sins.
     Whether we are insecure or self-confident, Christ desires that we turn to Him for love, forgiveness, acceptance, and fellowship.  When He is at the center of our lives, we can rest assured that we are not left out, but safe, secure, and covered!
We are secure in Christ forever.
Prayer:  Dear God, thank You for seeking and saving the lost, and that You will never abandon Your children.  In the name of Your Son Jesus, Amen.
 Sharon Helms-Dulin (North Carolina)


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