We all know the headstone that looks like a tree stump in our church cemetary. The following story about the headstone was recently told to me by Obie Chambers and embellished by others. A number of years ago he was doing some survey work for the church when he commented to Mr. Tom Butler, "Why doesn't someone remove that old tree stump from the cemetary" Tom went on to tell the story that it was a headstone ordered from someplace "up north" and hauled by rail to Reidsville. From Reidsville it was placed on a wagon pulled by 2 oxen that got stuck in a creek. After much effort and the help of a couple of extra horses the wagon was freed and the headstone delivered. From that day forward the creek was known as "Troublesome Creek". I don't know how much of this story is factual but it makes for good reading! So think of this the next time you see this remarkable headstone standing in our cemetary.